about us

This is the world we all share. 


We're really just trying to do something we sincerely enjoy. Working on expressing our creative abilities and trying to give something positive to the world. 

No matter what avenue they choose, people can do big things with a little imagination and positivity...


One of the ways we help others is via something called microcredit. Check out the link below to Kiva.org, take a look at our profiles and then create your own and join our team! The best thing is that you're not just donating your money, but lending to capable entreprenuers who pay you back over time.

Supporting entreprenuership encourages economic growth. The effect of creating a successful new business, no matter how small, can contribute to making big changes in the long run.  


Tactus Veritas KIVA team






Loaning through KIVA ensures proper administration of funds made available for loans, and that these loans reach the people they are meant for.


Something else I wanted to explain about Tactus Veritas is that we have based our business model utilizing only open source technology. Our website is run in a LAMP envrionment, we use OpenOffice.org, Inkscape, GIMP and run Linux on all our computers. You should check out Ubuntu if you are interested in giving Linux a try.




If you have something interesting that you've done or would like to share with us, no matter where you are in the world,  drop us a line and tell us about it; Be it a community service that you're passionate about, or how you like to express yourself; we'll post it up under our News section.


Keep in touch!


"Business has a responsibility to give back to the community from which it draws its support."


-Ben from Ben and Jerry's