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posted: 04/25/2017
"Don't fear moving slowly. Fear standing still."

- Chinese proverb

Happy New Year 2014

posted: 01/03/2014

Sun is shining and the weather is sweet over here in San Diego! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is ready to go full throddle in 2014. Global Thread is making power moves, cleaning up the site and prepping for new artwork releases. We have some great new blanks as well with fresh colors ;]


Thank you all so much for making this past year epic and to 2014 being even better. Peace! 

Merry Christmas 2013!

posted: 12/23/2013
Just wanted to drop everyone a line and say Merry Christmas followed by a Happy New Year. Hope the year is wrapping up well! We're working hard on our new designs for 2014's releases of Tactus Veritas designs with our three birds! 


posted: 12/03/2013
It's been a minute since our last post! Been focusing on ( a ton and it's been cruising! There's been some talk about riviing the 3 birds from Tactus Veritas and with our shop running smooth we think it's a good idea! Stay tuned folks. 


posted: 01/22/2012
It's been a bit since we posted to you folks but we're getting ready to turn things up. is doing AWESOME and the catalog is huge. its time to get things moving over here at the GTC and keep building! 


posted: 02/28/2011

2010 Was an awesome year! We made a lot of progress in our production department thanks to SHU. Dealing with over 120+ designs for sale at one time using only about 30 screens! Ah! We did a lot of work just to get you those shirts but it definitely has started to pay off when we can look back and see how many shirts there are all over the world by people from all over the world. SOOOOO cooool! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AS WE GROW! Everyone has been so cool and what more of an award we could have than when you tell us how much you love the shirts =]


We're not forgetting about our three little birds though. No worries, we'll be rocking some multi-color designs and sending out some coupons so you can get the fresh feel of some new threads. Tactus Veritas, Global Thread Collective, Made On Earth. 



Welcome to SHU

posted: 07/21/2010

Thats going to be the title of the new site. We have had the second version of the site live since April and after getting updates from everyone we are ready to roll out some new features and how you interact with the site. Hope you enjoy!


Let us know whats next?!

from SHM to SHU

posted: 05/11/2010

So we had a pretty awesome month for being live and we are making changes quick.


After long hours of pondering and thinking, we decided that being stupid doesnt only hurt the individual, but all of us. So why not call the project stupid hurts us?


It totally jives way better. Wiki SHU, tons of cool explainations. The other thing we really like about it is that its an American domain. Nothing against Montenegro (.me) but we are American and proud of it. 


Where did all the veritas designs go? Why is the New Threads section empty? Well we are really trying to focus on SHU at the moment and wanted to tone things down over here. Once we get the new GTC website up, we will move domains ( and the fresh threads will be coming out. 


YEAR OF THE TIGER, things are coming together,  good stuff =]

Tax Time

posted: 04/15/2010

Only thing going on today I could throw in the title.. 

 Been working on a lot, dialing in our really awesome t-shirt shop and drawing cool designs for veritas. We're going to be changing our address too, GLOBALTHREADCOLLECTIVE.COM


anyone think thats cool?


stay tuned folks. 


posted: 01/21/2010

Whoa, 2010.. end of January already!


Ladies and gentlemen, its going to be a great year for everyone. We have some new tools and you are going to see some cool stuff. is getting ready to hatch and tactus veritas, global thread collective, made on earth, is amongst us. 


peace and love 

SHM Update

posted: 11/06/2009

Thought I'd let everyone know is doing really well, we're getting some beautifully diverse art and getting really positive feedback. We're getting a lot more attention with SHM than Veritas because we've never done anything but publish this website and spread the word to our friends. It's amazing how many people are telling us, "wow, never heard of microcredit before! thanks!". 


Something people have brought up however is the interest rates on the loans, some organizations charge what seems to be quite a bit (40%+). To clear things up a little Kiva is a nonprofit and its the microlending facilitators in the actual countries themselves whom charge interest to cover their operating costs.


Personally I think some kind of help is better than no help. I hope the intentions of the facilitators are altruistic and if anything its definitely a start somewhere isn't it? I believe its overall making life better. 


And for all of you hounding us for some new designs, well send some in and help us out! They are for sure close though =]

Our New Project,

posted: 10/19/2009

Hey Guys, 


I know everyone has been waiting for us to put some new designs out FOREVER now, new website, new threads, styles, clothing articles, AHH!! Well, slow and steady wins the race. I've been working on a new project that has a different aura and a different way of operating. 


Currently for Tactus Veritas, we're doing the designs ourselves with some guest artists. This new website, will accept submissions to the website in addition to what we do ourselves. 


There's a new plethora of clones which are online communities whom vote on art users have submitted to the site and which ever designs get the most votes, the website will post the shirts for sale on the site for a specific time. Once the online sales are completed, they print the shirts on demand. 


We got to thinking and thought we could do something like that but a little different from whats out there already. Because online communities are a huge dedication of time, we decided not to create one but we still wanted to collect art from outside sources. So we've been e-mailing artists for the past few months building our database, figuring out some cool photography and keeping the process as simple as possible. Hence why only does a single color design once a day. 


One color takes out SO much time from our production process. When we do shirts that have 6 colors, its a big commitment for an organization as small as ours. s


So we have a simple website, , we sell a single one color design once a day, and then the next day we order our supplies and print as many shirts as we sold. On demand printing, simple designs, designs submitted by users and BAM! We've creating a REAL medium of funding micorcredit loans. We're still doing something we're really into, saving the planet, working with art, making shirts but just different methods than Tactus Veritas. 


Anyway, thats where most of the delay has been with Veritas. Now that is going, we're stoked and its going to continue to grow along with Tactus Veritas. 


That's all I got for now!

And Going...

posted: 09/18/2009

Just wanted to put something up here to let you know that things are still moving. I've been working on a new project, which will focus on our same efforts towards microcredit, just a little different approach to a clothing line. 


For the new Tactus Veritas designs, we're going to do smaller quantities but have a more diverse range of stuff available. We have about 6 designs we're set on but we're still weeks away from getting them up here and available.


Last time I posted news I was on my way to Asia, which was fantastic. Was there for 5 weeks in Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand. Now that I'm posting again I'm on my way to Germany for October feast and then France for a few weeks to eat sausage and snails. 


Definitely in need of some help with designs if anyone wants to contribute. Otherwise, stay tight and join Kiva! 



Still Going

posted: 07/06/2009

Well folks, the new designs and website did not launch as soon we expected. Whats the rush anyway? I will be leaving for Asia in the next few days to explore Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and potentially a few other spots. So if the next line has a little influence thats where it could possibly be from! Keep placing orders and spreading the word about people who would want to do some designs for us. We have some great ones lined up and always looking forward to seeing what others come up with. 



New Website, New Threads

posted: 04/28/2009

We've been working hard to bring you the next line of stylish threads and designing the new website for exceptional delivery. 


We are looking at June to be the month for the new stuff. Right now we're finalizing designs for men and women, and maybe some extra goodies. 


Thank you to all the people who are still placing orders, submitting new ideas for designs, critiquing what we already have, submitting pics wearing the threads in different places, handing them out all over the world and straight up reppin! 


Anyway, just wanted to keep in touch with those whom I'm not with on the regular. Everyone who has placed an order since the beginning will receive coupons for the new stuff so hold on to your butts. 



Its Spring Time

posted: 03/19/2009

The birds and the bees are out and about. Flowers are blooming and good vibes are in the air. For us here in San Diego anyway..


Wanted to say we're planning on launching a revamp of our site here shortly. With the new site will be our new line as well!


We're going to make the site more user friendly allowing you to move around and see what we have to offer in a more efficient way than the random thumbnails we have now. So stay tuned!


Also, we're still always looking for new artist whom may potentially want to contribute to our work. So if you know someone or you yourself are interested, please drop us a line!




posted: 01/24/2009



My bad for not posting anything in a few months.. This type of thing isn't as easy as you'd think. Commitment to something for a long period of time and watching it grow very slowly.. 


2008 was a year for learning for us. Learning about ourselves, learning about each other, and recognizing what goals are important to us. We didn't make any money, actually in the negative arena still, so thats why our Kiva account has been on the standstill. It would still be really cool if some of you joined the Tactus Veritas Team on Kiva though!


What's the deal with this new year? Well the Chinese say its a year for hard work, the year of the Ox. So I'm thinking just that. Currently we're looking for some new artists to contribute to the next line. We want to do some stuff for the ladies as well. An important thing I want to stress is that we're not commited to a certain look or feel. If you have some groovy send your jive our way and lets see what happens. We'll throw up whatever you got on our voting section and see how the people react as well. 


We're finally getting random orders from around the world though which is pretty cool. Not just friends anymore but actual people who stumbled upon the site and dug the threads. People are sending us pictures of them wearing the threads in random locations too. Very cool. 


Anyway.. We're going to e-mail everyone on our mailing list and people who have bought from us when the new designs are available. So if you have a friend or know anyone down to earth who would be interested in sending us some ideas, we'd be stoked. Trying to avoid us being the only producers!


Remember you only reep what you sow and this year we're planning on some real farming to get a good harvest!


peace, love, and just tactus the veritas ok?

Vote on New Threads

posted: 10/27/2008


So we added a small section to the site where we can throw up designs for you to give us your feedback on. The feedback doesn't consist of much besides merely clicking on our bird rating system that is active with shirts we have for sale now, but it helps us to see if anyone's even feeling it or not. A lot of designs are a shot in the dark or everyone has their own  opinion on what should go where and how it should look. Sometimes this process takes long than it should (pretty much all the time) so give us a head start by letting us know what you think. If you REALLY feel like helping us out you can go the extra mile and Contact Us with some specifics on where we could take a design. 


We are also open to people submitting their designs to us as well. There are never enough designers for art projects such as a clothing line (because we're not interested in only one perspective) so I wanted to let you know that we're very open to new points of view, flavors to the mix, etc... 

Kiva Team

posted: 09/21/2008



We're trying to build our team on, they now allow groups of people to start teams and so naturally we created the team Tactus Veritas. Sign up for an account with Kiva then join our team! It's awesome!




posted: 08/28/2008

Hey Guys, 


Thought if anyone might be interested in a new organization I found here in San Diego,


Their nation website is


I went to a social event they held and met with very many interesting people from all over the world in different backgrounds whom were interested in helping each other out in anyway possible. I highly recommend this as a medium to meet people like yourselves!



Fourth of July

posted: 07/08/2008


We hope everyone had a good safe holiday this past weekend!

Just in case you didn't take the time to remember just what we're celebrating, refresh your memory from those distant history classes:

Independence Day (United States)

Net Neutrality

posted: 06/14/2008



Over the past decade (from my frame of reference) we've seen some pretty exciting evolution process of our Internet. As any development process progresses it's important to take a step back and see where it's going to assure the original goals and intentions are being met when the development began.


Net Neutrality has very many implications which should be understood by Internet users. Instead of going in to a further explanation of what it is, or why it's on this website, simply consider me a friend who's telling you about a good book to read. We're hoping to attract people like minded to proliferate education and spread knowledge in a positive, beneficial effort for what is important.


After you read about Net Neutrality, which concept applies to the way information travels, the next thing to read, learn, and know about is what Open Source means.


That's all for now, time to take the dogs for a walk.



Shane`s Kiva Donation

posted: 06/12/2008


Shane, one of the Tactus Veritas crew, made a new micro-loan to a woman in Nigeria, Africa through Her name is Abibatu Nurudeen and she owns a small food store called Abibatu Shop, located in her village of Lagos State, Nigeria.


Check out Shane's Kiva Page to follow Abibatu's progress. Thanks and stay tuned for more info from Tactus Veritas.

New Photography

posted: 06/10/2008


Not bad for a hour photography session under the Coronado bridge at Chicano Park in San Diego. We used a Canon Rebel XTi, some ugly mugs, crooked grills, and some flashy threads. Aside from that anyone interested in checking out HUGE awesome murals should go down there, but during the day!

Beta Site Launch

posted: 04/30/2008


Hey Guys,

This is our Beta launch for the site. From what we can tell everything is looking good but now we'd like some feedback from you! Any ideas for layout? Have a cool background picture for us? Order a shirt!

After we run this version for a bit, we'll do a second launch with additions/fixes and then advertise to more people!



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